Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded

Developed by : Infinite Dreams



Sky Force is back with whole new level and graphics. New version “reloaded” gonna give you experience that you never felt before, eventough it use side scrolling but it keep player entertain with another feature.

Each level contain atmospheric condition that will keep player felt different gameplay. Player can upgrade their own aircraft to make it stronger against enemy and get more rewards.

Player can enjoy many feature such as:

-Trophy : This feature can be use to unlock another aircraft that will be helpfull in combat

-Skill : Each time player upgrade skills it will made aircraft more stronger and powerfull to destroy enemy aircraft

-Card : Each time player goes on adventure there’s a chance they will earn some card that will be usefull in combat or give permanent bonus

-Difficult level : Each stages have difficulty level and it can be unlocked after you complete 1 level with complete requirements

This game very addictive and gonna made you play until draining smartphone battery.

Check this details before you install this game on your Smartphone

Requirement :

-Varies with Android device
-iOS 8.1 and up

Size :

-Android = 186 MB
-iOS = 572.6 MB


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