Deep Town : Mining Factory

Deep Town : Mining Factory

Developed by : Rockbite Games



Deep Town is science fiction startegy game, where player need collect as many resources as they can. Each resources that you collected can be sold for money to help player upgrade their machine. Be carefull because the higher level of machine more resource gonna be needed for upgrading.

Player must keep digging until they get resource that needed. Each area has it own deep level and everytime player clear that area, more resources will be unlocked and available for collecting.

Not only digging but players can craft or smelting all the resources they collected. Gardening also available for player to get more variety of resources.

Remember to upgrade your digging machine because some level have strong surface that will make players harder to dig and slowing down the collecting. Sell the resources that you collected and earn money to upgrade digging machine.

Players can have bots that will help them to collect resources or event mining as well. Just make sure give priority to these bots.

Check this detail before you install this game on your smartphone


-OS 4.0.3 and up

-iOS 8.0 and up


-Android = 48.07 MB

-iOS = 111.5 MB

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