Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Developed by : Rovio Entertaiment Ltd.


Once upon a time there an island, home of wonderfull birds. But someday pigs come to that island and stole their eggs. This making the birds unhappy and making them angry.

Join the adventure of Angry Birds as they follow pigs to retreive their eggs back. It maybe not so easy to defeat the pigs with their unique fortress. But each birds also have their own unique powers. Use this power to destroy pigs fortress and retreive the eggs back.

Each level have their own difficulties, each player required to user their own mind and logic to complete the level. You maybe stuck in some level, but mighty eagle can help you to destroy Pigs fortress in a blink of an eye. Unfortunatly Mighty Eagle only can be used once every hour.

There also another power up inside this game, that could help player to pass the level. Boost your birds abilities and get three stars to unlock secret content. Other power up also included inside the game such as:

-Sling Scoper for Laser Targeting
-King Sling for maximum flinging power
-Super Seeds to supersize your birds
-Birdquake to shake pigs’ fortress to the ground

Angry Birds never gonna make you bored with all the achivement and level that will never ends. You can challenge your friends in high score to prove who is the best.


Check this details before you install this game on your Smartphone

Requirement :

-Android 4.1 and up
-iOS 7.0 and up

Size :

-Android = 89.8 MB
-iOS = 213 MB

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